Hunting On Public Land


Out of State Success Rate

The elk population in Colorado is 283,400 as of 2011 which is much higher than it’s competitive states. (State Elk Populations: Montana 150,000 – Idaho 103,000 – Nevada 13,500 – Kentucky 10,000 – Nebraska 2,300 – Michigan 780, Minnesota 175).

With that being said the success rate is higher than any other state as well. (Hunter Success: CO 22%, Idaho 19%, Montana 16%).

CO has more than 23 million acres of public land, over-the-counter bull tags, and an have roughly twice as many elk as any other state.

How Much Do Tags Cost?

Rifle tags for bull elk in the 2nd & 3rd season are unlimited, and usually sold at outlet stores all over the state. Elk (bull, either sex costs $49 for residents, and $579.00 for non-residents), Elk (cow costs $49 for residents, and $354.00 for non-residents) according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife website. OTC rifle tags for cow elk are limited.

Frustrations of Other Hunts

Some of the biggest furstrations of elk hunting, especially in other states are finding camp spots, dealing with other hunters, limited tags and elk popluations.


“You could not ask for a more super, enjoyable trip than this has been, especially the day were we went out to try and chase down this big bull we’d been looking for.”

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