Frequently Asked Questions


Are all hunts guaranteed and why don’t I need a tag or license?

Yes, all hunts are guaranteed. If you don’t get your Trophy, Bull, or Cow Elk you owe us nothing. This is a private hunting ranch and a license or tag is required.

What is the typical length of a hunt?

Hunts usually last three days. If you are successful on your first or second day there is also hiking, fishing and sight-seeing.

When is your season?

Hunt anytime starting in the middle of August running through the middle of November.

Can I have my meat processed and shipped?

The processing plant usually requires a one to two day turn around on cut and wrapped meat. Yes, it can be shipped at your own cost, please contact the shipping company for updated prices. Shipping costs vary.

What about taxidermy?

We have qualified taxidermists to mount your trophy.

Can you accommodate disabled hunters?

Yes, we can accommodate disabled hunters and our lodge is handicapped accessible.

Are there any add-on charges?

Yes, if you want your elk deboned there is a cost of $150 per animal. Also, there is a pickup and delivery fee to Grand Junction Airport.

How do I book a hunt?

Contact Brent Curtice (our Hunting Consultant). He will personally guide you through the decision making process and has all the information you need (elk hunting questions, travel, pricing and answers to any other questions you might nave. Brent can be reached at (970) 270-8180 / Email: or fill out our contact form.

What is the cost of the Trophy Bull & Cow elk hunts?

For Trophy Elk costs please visit our pricing page. Cow elk hunts are not available at this time.

Can I bring my spouse and family along?

Yes. Our non-hunting guests are charged $150 per day for meals and lodging.