Elk Meat Processing


The Process

When you harvest your elk, it is time for you to just relax and recapture your hunt with photos and conversation. We will make sure your animal is properly taken care of from this point on. The cleaning, capping and quartering of the animal is handled by the experienced team at Homestead Ranch.


“He turned broadside and after I quit shaking I got him with the first shot, about 75 yards out. I’ve never been elk hunting so this was quite an opportunity.”

Your Dream Hunt

If your dream is to hunt Colorado high country, you have found your dream area. We are in the heart of aspen, spruce and alpine park country, big canyons and breathtaking high country beauty in all directions. Our median elevation is 8700 feet and go up to 10,000 feet. This ranch is the epitome of elk country and have a native herd that continually produces trophy animals year after year.