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Homestead Ranch Location

Our greatest attribute to our hunting operation is our location. We are located on the north rim of the Black Canyon, off of Colorado HWY 92 between Crawford Colorado and the Morrow Point Dam of Blue Mesa Reservoir. We are surrounded by 12,000 to 14,000 foot mountains. The San Juan range on our south and the Collegiate Range to the east and the West Elk mountains are north and west of the ranch.

Our location doesn’t show up on Google Maps yet but you can find it by using the following GPS Coordinates or clicking on the map below. GPS Coordinates: 38.471812, -107.479334

Ready For Your Dream Hunt?

If your dream is to hunt Colorado high country, you have found your dream area. We are in the heart of aspen, spruce and alpine park country, big canyons and breathtaking high country beauty in all directions. Our median elevation is 8700 feet and go up to 10,000 feet. This ranch is the epitome of elk country and have a native herd that continually produces trophy animals year after year.


“He turned broadside and after I quit shaking I got him with the first shot, about 75 yards out. I’ve never been elk hunting so this was quite an opportunity.”

McLeod Outfitters

The McLeod family has deep roots here and have six generations on this property to prove it. We began this operation in 1914 when Alex and his sons began homesteading in this area. Scottish immigrants looking for their own properties and the opportunity presented itself with the Homestead Act. At that time a male citizen 18 years or older could petition and corner to corner off a 640 acre parcel or one section. At that time with relatives and friends the McLeods put a 5 section ranching operation together.

In 1938 completely by accident our commercial hunting operation began when a gentleman from Kansas showed up at the ranch soliciting help in hunting a mule deer. The experience was so successful he asked to come back and bring friends and would pay for the experience so McLeod Outfitters was born and still operates to this day.

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